What has the Guru been smoking?

Bumper Sticker Guru announces some new additions to the Pot Sticker collection. Does the Guru condone this heretofore-outlawed behavior? What about Nancy’s wise words of Just Say No!? What about effective societal control? What about the now innumerable cases of the ever-serious munchies?

In the Guru’s world, we each have our own path, or highway, as the case may be. He adheres to the injunction of our elders, who said, “You should be digging it, while it’s happening.” He recognizes that serious situations call for a light hand and a light heart and stands by his pronouncement of Down With Gravity!

As has been mentioned elsewhere, 10% of sales of the Pot Stickers will be given to the schools of Colorado for use in educating the youth of our state in the ways of good citizenship and considered (and considerate) thinking.















Responsibly Kitchen





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