We better talk about this.


I know it’s wrong. Some might say unmanly, some unnecessary. Let’s face it, some people are just stubborn. Myself, I like to think I have within me a spirit of adventure. A lust for life. An unerring confidence in that big old nose of mine and I’d follow it anywhere. Has it ever failed me? The answer to that is a relative thing and, ultimately, subjective. Each turn I’ve taken has led me somewhere. And, usually,  somewhere new and exciting and, if not exciting, at least, instructional, though in ways that I may never realize until much, much later. This is all just to say that stopping for information may not be necessary, but you are doing nothing wrong, if you do. It may even please whoever is in the passenger seat, next to you. And, it’s never wrong to warn those following you. We never really know how our actions affect others and by stopping for directions, you may have helped out your fellow driver and contributed to the rising awareness that we don’t always know where we are.

Drive safely and, always, look both ways.



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