The Heartbreak of Commitment

For many years, the Bumper Sticker Guru would never even think of putting a sticker on his car. Once applied, there was no turning back. If he had a change of heart or, even, a simple change of mood, he found he was stuck with what, at the time, might have made sense, but now, upon reflection, whether momentary or long-standing, could not be removed.

Sure, he could pick at it, through long, hot hours in the driveway, trying so carefully to peel a corner of it back, so that he might miraculously remove the offender in one slow, agonized pull, but no dice. It was there for good. Acid, Coca-Cola, or baking soda, nothing would work. The only reasonable solution was to sell or donate this once unblemished vehicle.

After years of research and many hours dedicated to finding a way that would allow for his short attention span to have an outlet for expression, he discovered a removable adhesive. An adhesive that permitted seasonal message change, freedom to switch philosophical positions, or the opportunity for better judgment to prevail.

If he grew tired of Stop following me. (as if a message like that could ever be out of date) or if, after much deliberation, he found that he could no longer endorse the sentiment, I’m much younger than I look., it was a simple of job of easily peeling away the old and replacing it with the new. From Down with gravity. to Assume the unbelievable. was only a minute’s effort.

No longer forced to sacrifice his car’s entire lifetime to one rash decision, he found he was now free to try out whatever seemed appropriate at the moment. Bee conscious. could easily become, Bee here now. Likewise, Drop your weapons. could, on second thought, more reasonably be, Please, drop your weapons.

Change is hard for those without vision, but evolution can, sometimes, surprise us and open up a whole new road to the future.

Drive safely and, always, look both ways.

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