Super Sticker Saturday!!!


Okay. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Tech Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Terminal Thursday, Free-wheeling Friday. How about Sticker Saturday? I don’t know about you, but this stuff has gotten to me and I have participated to the point where I know my Visa card number and details by heart. While that certainly is scary, it is convenient. And, although I have purchased a couple items for myself, most of this stuff is going to family members, close friends, deserving charities, and complete strangers.

Today, let’s place attention on the road before us. Like I imagine you do, I spend entirely too much time behind the wheel, in both the actual and metaphoric sense, and while there, I want to, in my own small way, lift spirits, lighten the atmosphere, bring all drivers together, and make my contribution to Driver’s Education.

The Bumper Sticker Guru is declaring today, Saturday, and every Saturday from now until New Year’s Day (I know, that’s only two more additional Saturdays), Super Sticker Saturday! Every Saturday order of two or more stickers will receive an additional sticker free!

I know that was a lot of buildup, but that has always been the Guru’s way. Get in the spirit! As they say, order now and order often. This is it!

Drive safely and, always, look both ways.

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