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FAQ: When will I receive my stickers?

A: Shipments will be made within two business days.  However, Bumper Sticker Guru is, at this moment, just starting out, so please allow a few extra days in the beginning, until we really get rolling.  Thanks.

Q: What about this removable business?  If I want to remove a sticker after a few months and put something new in its place, can I?

A: Absolutely!  Bumper Sticker Guru only sells removable bumper stickers.  They are strictly no fuss, no muss.  No leftover adhesive making your bumper sticky and dirty.

Q: Can I send a bumper sticker to my sister or to some other person at another address?

A: Yes.  As you checkout, click the box that says ship to different address and fill in the info.

Q: What if I order 20 bumper stickers?  Will I have to pay more shipping?

A: No. The shipping charge of $1.99 applies to any amount ordered.

Q: Just who is this Bumper Sticker Guru?

A: The Bumper Sticker Guru is a mysterious figure about whom many stories are told.  Don’t believe them.  For a true and revealing account, keep reading our blog.  He has promised to divulge all the details in an upcoming post.