Don’t Be Afraid To Stick

While driving, wondering about the lottery, the oldies station, and Home Depot, I often see cars and trucks with windows full of stickers. They’ve endangered themselves and their passengers for the supposed reason that the stickers are easier to remove from glass, than from paint (a myth of automobile ownership). None on the bumpers. Not a one. And who can blame them? They’re worried that once on the bumper, they’ll never be able to remove them, even when their kids start teasing them about Trump or Obama-Biden or Nixon/Agnew. Or, Truckers do it on the road, I (heart) wherever or whatever., or My Dog is an Honor Student.

They realize their stickers will not come off, ever. They’ll be forced to sell the car, or trash it for the insurance (thus risking jail for fraud), even though it still has plenty of good years left on it.

If only they knew the joyful truth behind (actually, right on the other side) of the Bumpersticker Guru’s bumper stickers. Sticky, so they will never fall off, but removable in one smooth swoop, ready to be replaced with a newer, catchier slogan.

Perhaps, one that says, Stop Following Me! Or, I measure success in donuts.

The rear window is clear, enabling a much safer trip to the store or to achieve pitch-perfect parallel parking. The stickers are where they belonged in the first place. They’re not called Glass Stickers. This keeps the other driver’s eyes closer to the road and things safer all around.

So, the Guru says to you, Don’t be afraid to stick, or perhaps, in a fit of expressivity, to stick again.

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