Don’t Be Afraid To Stick

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While driving, wondering about the lottery, the oldies station, and Home Depot, I often see cars and trucks with windows full of stickers. They've endangered themselves and their passengers for the supposed reason that the stickers are easier to remove from glass,

Women’s March 1/21/17

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We did! We marched, all over the world, and demonstrated to the new administration, the world, and each other that together we must move forward, not backward. Expand, not contract. Include, not divide.

The Bumper Sticker of the Month Club

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All right, I agree, the idea of a new bumper sticker of the month club does seem a bit much. Even if it does say “of the Month”, let’s understand that to mean "every other month."  Any change, even one every other

We better talk about this.

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I know it's wrong. Some might say unmanly, some unnecessary. Let's face it, some people are just stubborn. Myself, I like to think I have within me a spirit of adventure. A lust for life. An unerring confidence in that big old

The Heartbreak of Commitment

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For many years, the Bumper Sticker Guru would never even think of putting a sticker on his car. Once applied, there was no turning back. If he had a change of heart or, even, a simple change of mood, he found he

Bee Here Now

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Beekind is not just an abstract concept. It demands our consideration. Bee conscious is not just a New Age pipedream, it’s an injunction. They work hard for the honey is something everyone can understand and appreciate. Pesticides, climate change, habitat destruction, and

I Sing of Spring

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Today is the first day of spring. Many of us feel that it's about time. The rest of us? Well, we're just glad it's here. I won't wax philosophical. I'm a practical guy and I noticed this winter that with the temperatures

Super Sticker Saturday!!!

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Okay. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Tech Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Terminal Thursday, Free-wheeling Friday. How about Sticker Saturday? I don’t know about you, but this stuff has gotten to me and I have participated to the point where I know my Visa card

What has the Guru been smoking?

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Bumper Sticker Guru announces some new additions to the Pot Sticker collection. Does the Guru condone this heretofore-outlawed behavior? What about Nancy’s wise words of Just Say No!? What about effective societal control? What about the now innumerable cases of the ever-serious

Removable? What, exactly, does that mean?

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I don’t want to belabor this point, but it is important – All the Bumper Sticker Guru’s stickers are REMOVABLE! That means you can put them on, allow them their appropriate bumper life-span, and then remove them without fuss, without muss, and